These are step by step directions for making donations to Small Paws Rescue using our brand new shopping cart! You can do it!
The Bichons are counting on you!

To make a one time donation, or a monthly donation to Small Paws Rescue, you may use your major credit card securely, at this site.

We accept
Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover Card

If you've made a past donation by credit card, you may e-mail Louie Bertolino at to let him know the amount of your donation for the Bichons.

You may also call Louie on his cell phone at 1-424-442-9484
Louie is on Eastern Standard Time!
(Please leave a message and Louie will return your call if he is not available!)

You may also send a check or money order to:
Small Paws Rescue Inc.
3316 S. 72nd. W. Ave.
Tulsa, Ok. 74107

You don't need a username or a password to donate. When you click the donate today button it should take you here

From There You Just need to:

Choose an amount to donate.

Select whether it is a one time donation or a recurring donation.

Then click "Place Order"

This will take you to the shopping cart.

On this page just click "Proceed to Checkout, it will create an account for you this way. (You don't have to use your account though and can donate without having to get a password.)

On the next page enter your billing info and shipping info. In cases of donations only, there is no shipping fee, of course.

It will also ask you to create a password, in case you want to login with the same details in the future.

After this just enter your payment method and click "Place Order."

We don't save your credit card information. The credit card server bank does. We only see the last four digits.

That's why Louie may ask you if you want to use your card ending in "XXXX."
(NEVER send your credit card information in a private e-mail! THAT is not secure and no one should ever ask you to do that.)

Small Paws® Rescue Inc.