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Wednesday, January 2, 2019

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No time for a gem today. We have a 1-2 year old female hit by car victim, seen running on the Congress Pkwy which is a major expressway near Chicago. She was bloody, with no collar or tags. (There was also no microchip.) We have named her "Emmie".

Small Pawsers Tom and Kathy MacPherson were already at the shelter, picking up an owner surrender Bichon Mix, (see below for picture) for Small Paws when a Bichon who had been hit by a car came in. The shelter's vet sutured and wrapped her bleeding shoulder, inserted a catheter, and sent her on with us to the ER.

Emmie looked like she really needed an emergency hospital and soon.

Here she is being rushed to emergency in Kathy's arms while her husband Tom, drove.

She is presently receiving emergency care at the:

Animal Care Center of Plainfield
14411 S. Rt. 59
Plainfield, IL 60544
(815) 436-8387

Happy New Year to all!

As you know, we always continue to take in Bichons and Bichon Mixes during the Holidays. This year was no exception.

There were two owner surrenders in Florida, one shelter bichon in South Texas and two more in Chicago.

"Bernie", a 2-4 year old owner, surrendered to the CACC shelter ON CHRISTMAS DAY, was taken in today by Small Paws.

See the white on him? That's Bichon through and through. I think the black is poodle. I'll ask him later if he remembers Mom or Dad.

Thank God Tom and Kathy were there when Emmie was brought in, after having been hit by a car on an expressway.

I'm waiting on an estimate for Emmie while they are getting her stabilized. I just authorized xrays, bloodwork, and three days at the ER.

Bernie's vetting will be around $800.00 with quarantine and normal vetting if nothing else is wrong.

I'm waiting for an official estimate for Emmie but I can tell you it's probably going to run around $3000.00 before it's all said and done.

I'm here and will issue all matching donation challenges.

Happy New Year! All My Love, Robin

See Vet Bills Paid by Small Paws Rescue for the first 26 days of December, 2018 coming to $25,546.16 which is an average of $982.54 per day.

See Vet Bills Paid by Small Paws Rescue for the first 2 days of January, 2019 coming to $2,326.98 which is an average of $1,163.49 per day

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Snowball did great with his surgery. They got good margins and he has since been adopted!

How to Become a Much Needed Small Paws Rescue Foster Parent! South Texas, North Texas, and Chicago are most in need! Also if anyone is interested in helping to have a Small Paws Rescue Midwest Bichon Bash in either IL. or IN. this spring, let us know!

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Florida Charity Registration # CH37698

Humphrey Sisco
Dec 26, 1993~ Aug 30, 2006

When I first saw this beautiful picture of Cheri Sisco's "Humphrey", I thought it was truly the epitome of what we do, and why we do it. I wanted to use this black and white picture of Humphrey, taken only days before his death due to congestive heart failure, to let those who may be new to Small Paws, know what we do and why we do it. Without Small Paws, Humphrey would have never known love. He would have died in a kill shelter, sick and alone. Because of Small Paws, and Cheri Sisco, he lived, he loved, and he smiled.

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