On Tuesday, December 11, 2012,  Small Paws® Rescue was blessed to be invited back to New York City 
for our SIXTH appearance on Fox and Friends at the Fox News Studios!

Many thanks to all of the wonderful folks at Fox News!
They just treat us so warmly, that it's like visiting friends each time we return!

Welcome to our newest Small Pawsers!

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This is the YouTube Video of our December 14, 2012 appearance on Fox & Friends!

(This is our Small Paws Rescue YouTube Page with previous appearances on Fox News, Animal Planet, and Inside Edition!)

Backstage in the Fox & Friends Green Room! From left to right: Small Pawsers Louie Bertolino, Jody Ferraro,
Bonnie Ferguson, Nancy Murry, and Deborah Berger! SPR "Watson" and SPR "Boris" look on!

Nancy Murry holds SPR "Ross" who is awaiting his national television debut!

Deborah Berger holds "Boris" while I hold little "Watson".

This is what little Watson looked like upon rescue.

(Adopted from SPR six years ago, Boris Berger is a pro at this. This is his sixth appearance, too!)

Just through those doors is where it all happens! We are just about to go on!

Last minutes logistics. Whose holding who and is everyone dressed?!

Too late to back out now! Ha!

Live TV! Here we are on-air. Bonnie Ferguson and I laugh with guest Co-host Eric Bolling, (He and his wife were named "Humanitarians of the Year 2012" by the N.J. Animal Coalition!) and our friend Gretchen Carlson. She is beautiful inside and out.

Here we are looking down at "Boris" stealing the show in his Hanukkah sweater!
We so appreciate the opportunity to get the word out about these precious little ones in need.

Many thanks, once again, to the wonderful people at Fox. What a delight it is to visit with them!