The 2010 Small Paws© Rescue Oklahoma Bichon Bash
Held October 22-23, 2010 in Tulsa, Oklahoma

(Read below the detailed accounts of the weekend, as recalled by two of our Team Leaders)

It all began on Thursday evening when a few early birds went to dinner.

Here I am welcoming Carol Coons-Taylor and her husband Gord, from the Dallas TX. area. 
I'm so glad they came again this year!

Our Team Leader to the Carolinas, Kathryn Smith (on left in red) and Small Paws
 volunteer Kay Long, had just arrived by plane.


On Friday, those arriving early enough gathered at the world famous
Philbrook Museum of Art for lunch. 

Later that night, our National Team Leader, Joanne Raus,  opened  the Banquet festivities by
introducing our Team Leaders who were present!

After that we showed  this darling and quite clever slide show,

produced by Small Pawser Deborah Svedman, of El Paso Tx.!


YouTube - Small Paws® Rescue El Paso TX. Bichon Frise Adoption Story!

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This is a short slide show update on our precious Baby Mockingbirds.  
(Use this link if you have high speed Internet access)

Here is it again for those of you with a slower connection.
(You may need to use your zoom to be able to read the words, because it's a smaller file for faster loading. 

Then we slowed this slide show about our first annual "Small Paws© Rescue of the Year " recipient.

This year it was Magnum from the Ft. Worth TX. area. 

Magnum survived tremendous injuries, against all odds.

We gave this award to "Magnum" and his parents Molly and Richard Smith.

Magnum received special permission to come into the dining room after everyone had eaten and the dishes were removed.
Here are his Mom and Dad watching his video. You could have heard a pin drop. Team Leader Vicki Furstenburg looks on in the back.

Here are Richard and Molly Smith accepting the award.
They were also Magnum's foster parents.

Molly tells what a wonderfully forgiving little guy Magnum is, after all that happened to him.
They just love him to pieces.

One of our North Texas Team Leaders, Vicki Furstenburg, holds Magnum.

Molly Smith and Magnum.

Next, we showed this slide show, a memorial to the furbabies of those in attendance,  
who had gone home to God since this same time last year.


"To Where You Are"
(Click here to see this video in high speed) 

"To Where You Are"
(Click Here if you have a slower connection)

Lori and Andy Foster watch the memorial
 which included their beloved Saphire.

  I don't think there was a dry eye in the house.

Next, we presented a special award to Kathryn Smith, our Team Leader to the Carolinas.
It was the "Finder of Lost Loves" award.

Over 100 SPR Bichons have been safely returned to their homes, thanks to the "LOST" tags

that Kathryn provides for each of our foster dogs.

Kathryn had also just been awarded the 

"North Carolina Animal Rabies Control Officers Association Officer of the Year"

 Kathryn, we are all so proud of you! I am so grateful for all you do for SPR
even though you don't even own a Bichon!
(Scotties are Kathryn's breed!)

Our personal friends from before there even was a "Small Paws",
Randy and Barbe Von Netzer enjoy the banquet.

Saturday at noon, it was beginning to rain, so we moved our "lake side picnic" indoors!
This is Jim Morrison and his precious SPR adopted Bichon, "Bridget"!

Vern and Shirley Shipman enjoy the picnic inside, with sliding glass doors
 to give us the feeling of being outside!

The winners of the costume contest! From left to right:
Kay Wiley with her "Bichelephant", Bailey, Randy and Barbe Von Netzer hold
Gracie and Annie, while our IN., and IL. Team Leader, Sara Pace holds Barbe's "Maddie".
(You can see by their expressions that the dogs were just THRILLED to be dressed up. Ha!)

Some of the Bichons decided to dance at the indoor picnic.

Deb Svedman, the producer of the  "El Paso" video and her poodle at the indoor picnic!

And the little guy who introduced me to puppy mills back in 1998, the
one who started it all, my Chipper Pressnall. You would never know he will be be 13 years
old on February 19! He is the happiest dog Dale and I have ever met. The tail never stops.
(Chipper's, not Dale's)

Meanwhile. back at the ranch later that night, we had an old fashioned Barbecue down at the pole barn.
Vicki Furstenburg, (yes, shy, quiet little Vicki...hey, the ladies in cabin three had quite a "relaxing" afternoon, I understand!
Don't worry. What happens in Tulsa STAYS in Tulsa!)  leads a rousing rendition of the new version of "El Paso".
It was about six keys too low for us to sing which made it even funnier. Ha!
YouTube - Small Paws® Rescue El Paso TX. Bichon Frise Adoption Story!

After making complete and utter fools of ourselves pretending we were singing cowboys with "El Paso",
we walked over to the bonfire and made S'mores.

Thank goodness Kathryn Smith knew the recipe.

Around the bonfire,  I told a scary ghost story about some dead guy still looking for his bloody
finger. You can see the stark terror in the eyes of these two foster moms.

Susan Sebring, the Co-Founder of Small Paws, was also obviously terrified at my ghost story,
as she clutches her babies, Jazz the poodle and Harley, her Bichon.
(Jazz, Harley, and my Chipper are all the same age.)

Well, that's my story and I'm stickin' to it!

We hope you can come and join us next year, on the last weekend of October, 2011!

Same place, same time!

Here are some of the letters written about this bash!

We had the most WONDERFUL time! perfectly beautiful facilities, impeccable service and wonderful food - everything was just perfect - only it didn't last long enough :)
Finally put faces to well known 'names' - and I'm AWFUL about names - so I won't try to remember any here - that way nobody will feel 'left out' :) !
We got to meet Magnum - the little fellow that tried to be something's dinner - and one of the 'Mockingbird' babies MissMaudie came all the way from San Francisco to captivate everyone's hearts - she was a 'Heart Baby' and you'd never ever know she came so close to being DEAD! she was Blitzing with the best of them, running circles around (and under) Scarlett (the NEKED butterball turkey from 2= years ago) and all the other fluffs there - they'd just look at her like she was an incredible 'wind-up' toy that never stopped!  Maybe next year Dr. T can come - would love to meet him and hear about his involvement with the development of the Coil procedure for our PDA babies.
might be fun to have a couple of 'seminars' on say Friday and/or Saturday - maybe on Nutrition, Behavior, Health issues, etc.
our 'cabins' were hardly 'cabins' - they were elegant and comfortable suites with a central living room, mini-kitchenette, a constant supply of coffee/tea/snacks/fruit/, huge fluffy towels and probably the best mattress I've slept on in a long long time.
Not sure what pictures will show up on the Website, but there were hundreds of pictures taken, a tribute to SPR set to an old Marty Robbins song 'El Paso' - that I'm sure will show up on the web page so be sure to watch for it -
The weather was a bit 'dicey' on Saturday - but what little wet (not wet enough to be called 'rain' ) we had was not a problem, moved the picnic lunch into a glass enclosed area with large sliding doors so it was just like being out doors anyway -  the weather stayed temperate and quite pleasant - and lunch at the Philbrook on Friday  was wonderful - the Philbrook had been a private residence in the '20's and is now a museum and educational center, in the older 'historical' district of downtown Tulsa. The City Fathers have done a wonderful job of preserving the elegant set back for these beautiful older homes and even though the 'metropolitan' area is just around the corner you still have the sense of privacy and prestige of this lovely old 'oil/cattle' town.
The impromptu Halloween costumes were a hoot - a Bichonephant, and a trio of (I think) cowardly lions or other fanciful Disney type characters - and then the introduction of some 'Bichon' wannabe's - Lori and Andy's Shih Tzu, a Beagleshon, several lovely Puhduls that didn't seem the least embarrassed to be surrounded by all those 'Fluffywhitedogs'
Next year will be here before you know it - so lets start planning NOW - See ya in TULSA next year!!
Good to be home, but darn, I could have used at least another day or two LOL!

Dear Ms. Grandpre
Director of Conference Services
PostOak Lodge
Tulsa OK  74127
Thank you for the lovely accommodations for the annual SMALLPAWS RESCUE 'Bash'  last weekend. Our rooms were immaculate, the food was incredible and the service was beyond compare. The PostOak is in a lovely setting, yet as you advertise, close enough to Metro Tulsa to easily access your lovely city.
As a native Oklahoman I truly enjoyed being in 'my' part of the country again, if only for a short time. The natural sandstone and the trees for which 'you' are named brought back many happy memories of the Claremore area; the guests that shared our Lodge were enthralled by the Whitetail deer, and the only thing missing were a few head of Whiteface or even a horse or two! The orange and white cat was there to send us off on Sunday morning with a wave of her tail and a soft ankle rub.
Again, thank you and your staff for a memorable stay and we are even now looking forward to next year.
Kathryn Smith
Team Leader / NC-SC
As seen on a dog sweater:
"I'm really a 'GOD' but my owner is dyslectic"

From Joanne Raus:

  I have been back for a week and want to tell you all about the Okie Bash held last weekend at the Post Oak Lodge in Tulsa Ok. I arrived in time for the Friday afternoon luncheon held at the La Villa restaurant at the Philbrook Museum in downtown Tulsa. We had our banquet dinner later that night at the lodge and we all had a such wonderful time. The food and service was nothing less than perfect! Robin pulled off a captivating evening with a special tribute to all of our bichons who have crossed over the rainbow bridge. There was also a tribute to SPR which was set to the old Marty Robbin’s tune “El Paso”. This is now on You Tube…To view El Paso please open the following link:  

We also got to meet Magnum, our rescue who was attacked by a coyote or some creature and Miss Scarlett who suffered with mange and looked like a skinned turkey when we picked her up. We also got to meet Miss Maudie, one of our Mockingbird puppies who had a PDA heart repair last summer. You would never know this little one was so sick before she had her surgery! She was so darling and kept her mommas on their toes!  On Saturday, we had our picnic which was held inside due to a light rain. Now you all know how much the bichons hate rain!! They all forgot their rain slickers at home so we held the picnic indoors with the sides of the room open so we were really outside but no one told the bichons! Later that evening, we sat down to a fun yummy barbeque and made smores over a bonfire. 

The accomodations at the Post Oak Lodge were impeccable with the most comfortable rooms, large fluffy down comforters and great mattresses. Each lodge had its own living area where we congregated and chatted while the dogs played. There was a kitchen equipped with snacks, refreshments and a morning continental breakfast. I must say that Robin and Bonnie outdid themselves in planning this fun filled weekend in one of the most beautiful countryside settings in Tulsa. They thought of everything to make everyone comfortable and at home.  I loved every minute of it! I hope some of you can find your way to Tulsa next year! I promise you will not be disappointed!